Lululemon | Ghost Race | Philadelphia, PA


This straight-forward, flat, out-and-back course along Kelly Drive on the Schuylkill River Trail was the first Ghost Race course ever— the one that inspired them all.

New this year to complement the Philly east run —the original Ghost Race course — this west side route follows the Schuylkill River Trail, but this one’s got a waterfall at the turnaround point.











Welcome to Ghost Race, a virtual 8km running challenge that combines courses carefully curated by lululemon with technological fitness tracking and measurement by Strava, the social media network for athletes.

In this race the participants don’t run beside you. By using Strava to track your run, you’ll be racing the Ghosts who finished the course yesterday, and the ones who will crush it tomorrow. Strava uses location-based tracking to record every Ghost Race runner, so you’ll have joined a crew of Ghosts running — and can see how your pace stacks up against them.

Visit your local lululemon store for more information on the race, the courses, or to meet a new running crew.





Ghost Race costs nothing to run, friends! But you do need to be on Strava — the social media network for athletes. Participation is simple...

  • Get on Strava, the social media network for athletes.
  • Join the lululemon global run club on Strava.
  • Add yourself to the Ghost Race Challenge for your city.
  • Study your city course carefully so you know the start, finish and important turns.
  • Ensure your Strava email notifications are turned on in order to receive your Proof Of Sweat upon completing the challenge.

Then run the course whenever you want, as many times as you want—alone, with your crew or with a lululemon run club, and with all of Strava—tracking your run with your phone using the Strava app. Or, if you already use a GPS device, you can upload or sync your file to Strava.

Schedule of Events

9am - PHL-SRT West

Ghost Race Community Run

We’re kicking off year three of Ghost Race with a new course on the SRT in Phoenixville. No need to won’t be alone! Area run clubs and their leaders have got your back. Meet up at the Port Providence trailhead for the start.

10am - PHL-SRT East

Ghost Race Community Run

Join November Project & City Fitness for a Ghost Race that’s part spooky and fun! Meet up at Lloyd Hall to run the SRT course along Kelly Drive. Day party to follow!


Ghost Race Party

We’re celebrating the third year of Ghost Race here in the city where it all started. Stop by Cosmic Café at Lloyd Hall for brunch, music and games. Meet fellow runners who also ran the race.

9am - PHL-SRT West

Ghost Race Community Run

Our team of ambassadors are here for you! Join us for the last day of Ghost Race on the SRT in Phoenixville. Meet up at the Port Providence trailhead for the start.